Elaizz - Okinawa Lullaby | relaxing asmr sleeping music in Asian style by author theme song

Hi) I present you a relaxing video. I am starting a new heading for people who wants to relax before sleeping.

You will find these videos in a separate playlist called: Relaxing asmr sleeping music

It will be videos with relaxing sound, piano songs to help you go to sleep, sweet, like a lullaby for babies. Relaxing music sometimes can be very helpful for stress relief. So you can consider them like relaxing asmr.

There is a Loop function on YouTube. If you activate it, the video will be able to play as long as you need it. Therefore, by putting this video on Loop, you can, for example, fall asleep, and all this time, the music will play in your earphones

I will try my best to release them everyday, according to as much as I have a free time.
This is good because you will always have a new video available before bed, almost every day.

You can find this music on Spotify, or other streaming services and stores, iTunes, and others.
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