IZAMANYA / Rock - Metal Band from Switzerland
Song: Pissin' - Taken from the Album: Second Life

Starting with a vision, punched up with an endless amount of passion
and clear aims - this is how IZYMANYA came about.
The striking guitar riffs and expressively voice of the lead singer
lend the songs its distinct character.

IZAMANYA - a band that rocks in its own unique way.
Together they were able to create authentically music.
The songs are packed with emotional/sentimental feelings.
IZAMANYA knows where its power is.

The opener from the debut Album "Second Life", WARRIOR OF THE HEART, reflects the profundity of the band.
“What is it worth fighting for in life? You can only find out by walking the path
and never giving up, despite the wind.

The song describes how important it is to remain true to yourself and to live
as you are and feel. With their texts and themes, IZAMANYA possibly express other taboos, but this is precisely the fuel behind their drive.

Many Maurer has been in the Swiss music scene for many years.
He is a former member of the band KROKUS, and with its various projects,
such as AIN’T DEAD YET, he has acquired experience,
not only as a musician, but as producer and songwriter.

Iza Loosli has already proven her musical qualities as lead singer and songwriter.

Iza and Many felt connected from the very beginning,
which is a requirement in order to set-up and achieve aims.
The ideas and values of both songwriters merged and set, together with
Peter Haas (drums) and Remo Cadalbert (guitars), the IZAMANYA sound with a personal stamp.


up coming new release 2020 called “NEXT”
stay tuned - keep in contact - thanx for your support

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